Google Street View Coming to Valencia

Street View is one of the more incredible of Google’s many free map-based applications. And now, it’s coming to Valencia.

Starting Monday, Google’s fleet of camera-equipped cars will be cruising our streets, taking pictures for their Street View of Valencia. Keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re not familiar with this application, basically: it’s awesome. Street View provides a navigable street-level view of many large cities. Check out, for example, my old house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You can scroll down the city streets, almost as if you’re walking or driving.

So if you see a Google car in the next few weeks, make sure and do something memorable (like, say, holding up a huge poster advertising Photographing an entire city is sure to turn up a few nuggets of gold. Here’s a list of the Top 15 Street View Sightings.

It might still takes months before the Valencia-version of the application is ready, but I can hardly wait. Ours is one of just 4 cities in Spain chosen for the initial European rollout of Street View (along with Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla).

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