Colegio del Patriarca Video – Bell Tower in Action

Note: This is a special video edition in our series of posts about The Real Colegio del Patriarca — a building we intending to explore in depth. If interested, read our earlier post about it:
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The original name of the Colegio del Patriarca is the “Corpus Christi”, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the week after the popular Catholic holiday was a busy one for the seminary.

Part of the festivities was an extremely long ringing of the church bells. We got a bit of it on video, before our splitting headache drove us back indoors, seeking the numbing comfort of liquor.

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  1. Doug

    Hello! I just found your blog and say congrats on your adventures abroad! I hear ya on the civil union issue – that is why we picked up and moved from WI to British Columbia. We are loving it here and are looking forward to many happy, equality filled years in Canada.

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