Fiesta de Sant Bult

Sant Bult-18

Another week, another procession/festival. I unwittingly ran into the procession of Sant Bult, held in the Valencia district of Xerea across the street from our neighborhood. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Even though it was fairly small, they had all the necessities: barefoot walkers, a mascletà, falleras, folk dances and statues getting carried around (this time it was less crazy).

Does this city ever stand still? Is there a week during which nothing is celebrated? Honestly… I really hope not!

This religious festival commemorates the discovery of an ancient image of Sant Bult (Saint Bulto). The image represents a crucified Christ wearing a crown of thorns and shows a chalice at his feet. Primitive Christians worshipped it before the Muslim occupation of Spain. It lay buried for centuries until it was found under a flagstone by a construction worker called Manuel Navarro during the time of the Reconquest. On the first Sunday of June, the image is carried in procession through the Xerea district to the church of Santo Tomás y San Felipe Neri. Parishioners cover the streets en route with leafy green tree branches as far as Plaza de San Bult where the finale takes place and Saint Bulto is enthroned on a special altar built for the ocassion. Source: wcities

Sant Bult-3

The streets are prepared, and now the wait for Sant Bult begins:

Sant Bult-2
Sant Bult-21
Sant Bult-20
Sant Bult-5
Sant Bult-16
Sant Bult-14

Here he comes!

Sant Bult-17
Sant Bult-6
Sant Bult-19
Sant Bult-10
Sant Bult-11
Sant Bult-8

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