The Bells and more views from the Micalet

Micalet Valencia-27

Mike already wrote about his visit to the top of the Micalet. I finally went up as well, and am now kicking myself that I hadn’t done it a long time ago. This is an absolute must see in Valencia and definitely one of they city’s top 5 sights.

Ok, let’s get a little closer to the tower – don’t forget to inspect the gargoyles:

Micalet Valencia-26

And this is how 207 steps look like:

Micalet Valencia-1

Please pay attention to the sign before your climb:

Micalet Valencia-2

There is not much to see on the way up except for a bell room (from where they manually play bell concerts — that will get more detail in another post) and light slots so you can see where you are stepping:

Micalet Valencia-3

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at the top is the gigantic bell:

Micalet Valencia-4
Micalet Valencia-5
Micalet Valencia-24

Now I have a whole new appreciation when hearing the Micalet strike, audible throughout the whole city.

Another highlight of the visit is a view which not only pigeons enjoy:

Micalet Valencia-23
Micalet Valencia-25

It’s breathtaking and I could spend hours of gazing at the panorama.

The shadow of the Micalet:

Micalet Valencia-14
Micalet Valencia-17
Micalet Valencia-19
Micalet Valencia-21

The fountain of Plaza de la Virgen:

Micalet Valencia-18

Plaza de la Reina:

Micalet Valencia-10

Mercado Central and La Lonja:

Micalet Valencia-8
Micalet Valencia-9

The Mestalla:

Micalet Valencia-20

And the City of Arts and Science with Harbor:

Micalet Valencia-16

The new bridge coming along nicely. Who has more information about it and that new building which will look like a peace pigeon?

The backside of Torres de Serrano:

Micalet Valencia-7
Micalet Valencia-6

Colegio del Patriarca (click on the link if you like the sound of bells)

Micalet Valencia-13

And don’t forget to look up:

Micalet Valencia-22

You get all the above for just €2.

Opening hours vary, depending on the time of the year. Right now the tower stays open until 7.30 pm. Just walk by the Micalet one day before you’d like to climb it and check how long they’re staying open.

Link: Official website of the Micalet and the cathedral

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  1. freshwater

    Great post! A few weeks ago I also went up, and it was amazing… I didn’t go up since I was a child. Oh! And great pictures 😉

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