Random Valencia Impressions

Odd Valencia-11

It’s about time for another picture dump. Hope you like them.

Above, somebody is lost on the roof of the Patriaca!

Two of the many different mailboxes at the main post office:

Odd Valencia-10

I never saw something like this before, rain clouds on fire:

Odd Valencia-6
Odd Valencia-5

Marquis des dos Aquas at night:

Odd Valencia-3
Odd Valencia-4

Desert Ship:

Odd Valencia-7

Two more shots from we went to the coast line of Albufera:

Odd Valencia-9
Odd Valencia-8

Why – who is this big head! This installation was part of the Digital Media 1.0 at the La Nau:

Big head

And the last one, lady at the valencia fish market located at mercado central:

Odd Valencia-2

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  1. Olga

    Nice pictures!!!!

    I like the one of the mailbox! hahaha is strange I have seen it such classification neither… In Italy or France I saw the thing “For the city/region” – “Anywhere else”… which is strange for me also…

  2. Trevor

    Nice photos!

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