Spain vs. Germany

This is the match we’ve been praying for. We just happen to have German visitors in town for the week, and the final falls on my birthday … Sweet! We were already planning on a party, and I think it just got crazier.

Now the question — where is the best place in Valencia to watch the final? Ideally, something central and outside. Please make suggestions in the comments section or in the Hola Valencia forum.

I’m an American who lived 5 years in Berlin, so my allegiances are split … my heart is kind of with the Germans, but I seriously don’t want to miss the party that would engulf Spain, should the Red Fury end up on top.

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  1. AJS

    Heard it will be shown in the Bullring and at Mestalla.

    Bullring seems perfect.

  2. Davide

    Happy birthday!


  3. jenna

    mike, have a very happy, happy birthday! I hope you’re doing well and have a great evening. things are already filling up here at the public viewing areas all over your old neighbourhood in berlin. i secretly hope spain wins 😉

  4. Edward

    Happy Birthday! Oh & Spain have won it, so… Will you be celebrating it? ;D

  5. mpowell

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!! The game last night was great, and in the end I found myself rooting for Spain — earning the scorn of Juergen & our guests from Berlin. The party at Ayuntamiento was insane, and it was a great birthday present to see the Spaniards go completely nuts… they earned it. They played so well throughout the whole tournament, and truly were the classiest, best team. Germany played well, too, and it was good to see a final between two deserving teams.

    And special thanks to the crazy woman dressed like a Spanish Snow White who escorted us to the fiesta, singing, skipping, and throwing firecrackers.

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