XIII Entry of the Moors & Christians

This past weekend, the Maritime District was the scene of Valencia’s Moors & Christians celebrations, which are a part of the Feria de Julio.

Events occurred throughout the weekend, including a mock beach battle on Friday night, and the concluding entrada on Saturday evening. We missed the battle, but were there for the extremely colorful and entertaining parade, which proceeded down Calle La Reina to Plaza Armada Española.

It took a little time to get going — after the initial marching band passed, we thrilled to 15 minutes of nothing — but it turned into one of Valencia’s better parades. The music was nice, tinged with a bit of the Orient, and the costumes were shiny and ornate. And who can ask for more than shiny, ornate costumes?!

After the parade, we hurried down to the America’s Cup port for fireworks over the ocean.

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