Valencia’s Coat of Arms

Based on the coat of arms of King James of Aragon, founder of the city, the city’s symbol first took its present form in the late fourteenth century. King Pedro the Ceremonious of Aragon benevolently granted Valencia the right to use his royal arms and crown, as a tribute for the city’s support in his war against Pedro the Cruel of Castilla — a battle known as the War of the Two Pedros (really!)

Who would support Pedro the Cruel? Well chosen, Valencia!

The two crowned L’s, the most mysterious part of the shield, symbolize the loyalty (lealtad) shown by Valencia to Pedro the Ceremonious. A bat, Valencia’s well-known mascot, flies above the colors and royal crown.

The coat of arms can be seen everywhere in the city, from the Mercado Central, to the Post Office, to the manhole coverings on the street. It’s even been engraved into the city’s cathedral. Here are a few of our favorite sightings from around the city:

valencia symbol-4
valencia symbol-2
valencia symbol-3
valencia symbol-5
valencia symbol-7
valencia symbol-8
valencia symbol-10
valencia symbol-11
valencia symbol-12
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valencia symbol-16
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  1. Pappy Powell

    More research is needed. My investigations revealed the bat is a tribute to the barbaric assistance received from Prince Vlad The Impaler, who wisely chose not to back Pedro the Cruel. The world at that time was too small for 2 Evil Ones to leave a legacy of vile blood thirst.

  2. Margot Andrew

    Hi,I was scrolling through coats of arms of Spain and getting lots of regimental ones but not this.Then Iput in coat’s of arms with bats and up it came. I saw a small metal version screwed to a little hut on the campsite Javea camping where I am spendingseveral weeks.Great story, thanks.Best WishesMargot

  3. angel

    Vos haveu passat una mica en això de James I “founder of the city”La ciutat ja estava fundada de molt abans!

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