Flamenco in Valencia: Gypsy Prince

Meanwhile, we’ve been back to Radio City for the third time: taking our guests to see Flamenco is now on our must do list, and for some reason Tuesdays always works best. But we’re dying to check out Flamenco nights in other bars.

Anyway, the performance of this young flamenco dancer was amazing. At first I thought it was a girl but after hearing “guapo” I realized it was a boy. He couldn’t have been older than 14. It was the best flamenco show I have seen (out of three!)

Does anyone has more information about him? I would really like to take some portraits… he’d almost be a guarantee to produce some interesting images.


More info: Flamenco at Radio City in Valencia

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  1. Ida

    Hi Gypsy Prince. I couldn’t agree more with you! Watched this boy’s brilliant performance in Radio City, Valencia in March this year. It was one of the best I’ve ever seen. This boy is truly one to watched out for! I’ve searched through the net but couldn’t find other videos or information about him.


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