Graffiti in Valencia: Set #1

Carmen, Valencia’s most trendy and artsy district, is well known for its graffiti. But you can find exhibitions of this art form throughout the city. For example, here’s some graffiti from the district of Xerea (home of the Sant Bult Procession).

I especially like Calle de Engorgo with it’s bizarre, dilapidated buildings (don’t mind the smell) :

graffiti Valencia 1-11
graffiti Valencia 1-12
graffiti Valencia 1-20
graffiti Valencia 1-13
graffiti Valencia 1-15
Valencia graffiti art urban city spain sprayer odd
graffiti Valencia 1-16
graffiti Valencia 1-10

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  1. Pappy Powell

    So, who has the better artwork….Berlin or Valencia? What’s the Angel, Baby pics?! What you guys in to??!!

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