Ballroom Dancing in the Pl. de la Virgen

Anyone who’s bored in Valencia is simply not trying. It seems like every night, there is something new and unexpected occurring, especially with the Feria de Julio going on.

This past Saturday, a ballroom dancing competition was held at the Plaza de la Virgen. It’s the first time the competition’s been held, but I think they’re making it an annual thing.

It was a lot of fun to watch. There were two levels of dancers. The first consisted of people seemingly plucked out of community Beginning Dance classes. Amateur, and not too impressive… but still better than me.

But when the professionals came out, in the second group, the entertainment level went through the roof. The dancing was tight, but the outrageous outfits were really the highlight. There were at least 15 pairs, and they had to each perform 6 styles of dance, from jazz to paso doble.

My favorites went out early, which shows how little I know about dancing. We don’t know who won, because eventually we got tired of standing — ballroom dancing was more interesting than expected, but still not worth a sore back.

Ballroom Dancing Valencia-24
Ballroom Dancing Valencia-30
Ballroom Dancing Valencia-21
Ballroom Dancing Valencia-20
Ballroom Dancing Valencia-27
Ballroom Dancing Valencia-32
Ballroom Dancing Valencia-33

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  1. james

    You are very right. If you are bored in Valencia you aren’t going outside enough! Just look around and you can find something almost every day. I love Valencia. It’s actually my favorite city in the world.

  2. Mr. Bigby

    Just think how much you would have enjoyed the Ballroom Show if you’d been around to see the likes of Chelsie Hightower and Joshua on So You Think You Can Dance.
    Also, based on the images of the dancers, I am currently seeking both a divorce and a one-way flight to Valencia. Beautiful women, and I’ve found that most pro dancers are.

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