Valencia Formula 1 – Turn Those Motors On!

It’s unbelievable, and goes against everything I’ve ever stood for as an educated member of civilized society: I am excited for a car race.

I can’t wait, despite being completely ignorant about Formula 1. In fact, here is the entire compendium of my knowledge of the sport:

Things I Know About F1

1Approximately half of the drivers are named Rikkïï Hikkööniken.
2The cars a bit more cool-looking than those of NASCAR.
3One of the best drivers is black, and he has to put up with a lot of racism.
4Red Bull has a team. They don’t have wings.
5Car go fast VROOM

That’s it! The extent of my knowledge.

The most likely reason for my giddy state is that excitement is contagious, and all Valencia is excited about the European Grand Prix. It’s the only topic of conversation in the cafés, there are F1 paraphernalia and information stands in all the main city shops & squares, hordes of fans have invaded, and everyone just seems geared up. By most accounts, the unique race track at the harbor is a great one, which should offer the opportunity for a lot of drama. And it’s great to see the city, still unaccountably over-looked as a tourist destination, in the limelight.

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  1. Davide

    Ferrari all the life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    BTW, your third point about Lewis Hamilton (“he has to put up with a lot of racism”) is totally wrong.

  2. Ross

    We went to Indie on the Gold Coast here in Australia a couple times, I think it is like formula 1, but a slightly different flavour. It was fantastic, the noise, sun, beers and when the Airforce F1-11’s did a demonstration- it was fantastic!

  3. Davide

    Did you get a press-pass in the end?

  4. Michael

    The Track looks Great But the race was Boring

  5. valencia blog

    We didn’t get any passed but a friend of ours is working for Red Bull Team – but passes were pretty rare. So we watched it on TV and could actually hear the cars from our flat.

  6. nick

    A beautiful setting and what was expected by all to be an exciting race. It was possibly the most boring race I have seen for many years. The seating arrangement was appalling as was the TV coverage I later watched. Passing was near to impossible. I pray that curcuit does not become a regular venue. A total non event

  7. valencia blog

    Maybe the drivers weren’t brave enough?

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