Explore Valencia’s Harbour

Valencia Harbour Walk-2

Taking a walk at the harbor is a must when visiting Valencia. Preferably when it’s not too hot, and right before sunset.

Take the Metro to El Grau station. From there it takes just a couple minutes to reach the America’s Cup port. From there, stroll over to the Veles e Vents building and then head for the newly built pier to gaze at the million euro yachts and the beach. If you time it right and the weather allows, you’ll see an amazing sunset on your walk back to the Metro station.

Here are some of the things you might see on your Valencia harbour walk:

Valencia Harbour Walk-3
Valencia Harbour Walk-4
Valencia Harbour Walk-7
Valencia Harbour Walk-8
Valencia Harbour Walk-9
Valencia Harbour Walk-10
Valencia Harbour Walk-11
Valencia Harbour Walk-12
Valencia Harbour Walk-13
Valencia Harbour Walk-14
Valencia Harbour Walk-15

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  2. Pappy Powell

    So what’s the story/history on the ship? I couldn’t read the name. My big brother is just finishing a fantastic model he ordered from Italy. It’s maritime museum quality. Please forward any info you can. If I could find a model, it would be a great Christmas gift. Thx.

  3. Ventana Fotos

    I like the detail shots of the old ship. Great blog post!

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