Menú del Día – Crêperie Bretogne

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Nestled in a little side street within spitting distance of the city cathedral, you can find a wonderful little French restaurant which specializes in crepes. Okay, okay, sorry! It’s a Breton restaurant, not French.

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This is a wonderful spot to come for a delicious, unique and nicely-priced menú del día. The variety & quality of crepes on the menu should satisfy all but the most demanding, and the mostly French wait staff is extremely friendly (though, a word to the Whistling Cook: stop. Even talented whistling grates after a few minutes. Actually, talented whistling grates more than the normal sort because you have the sense that the whistler really thinks he’s something else; that he’s affording you quite the treat).

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There are usually two menús to choose from. For €7.90, you can choose the pre-set menu, which consists of a small salad, a drink and the crepe of the day, whatever it happens to be. If you want more selection and/or dessert, opt for the €9.90 menu — in addition to the drink and larger salad, it allows you to choose your crepe from the menu and comes with dessert.

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Outdoor seating is available during the day, but show up on time (around 2pm) to claim one of those spots. The restaurant is small and can fill up quickly.

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  1. Mister Bigby

    What I got out of that article: Hunger pangs. A red face of embarrassment considering how many times I’ve tried to slyly “entertain” and impress people with my talented whistling. It grates? Really? Maybe your hatred for talented whistling stems back to your formative years. Perhaps you had a sibling, maybe a little brother, who whistled too much. Perhaps you were jealous of his whistling skills?

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