Narrative Figuration at the IVAM

IVAM Narrative Figuration -4

Considering the terrible weather which struck Valencia this weekend, we decided to restrict ourselves to indoor activities and went to the IVAM Modern Art Museum.

IVAM Narrative Figuration -3
IVAM Narrative Figuration -7

From September 18th to January 11th, 2009, you’ll have the chance to see an exhibit on Narrative Figuration, and we highly recommend it. Figurative Narration is a French movement from the 60s, which rose in opposition to abstraction and is highly correspondent to Pop Art. With an emphasis on story-telling, and a eye towards politics, crime and film, the art on display is nothing if not entertaining.

IVAM Narrative Figuration -6
IVAM Narrative Figuration -5

In fact, this is one of the few modern art exhibits I’ve ever found myself enthusiastic about. I isn’t all that cultur’d: one of those people who consider most modern art to be a gigantic piss-take on the world, where artistically untalented tricksters plop paint onto a canvass and then come up with some long-winded justification as to how it constitutes “art”. Case in point: almost everything in the IVAM’s concurrently running Abstraction exhibit is stuff I quite literally could produce myself. What I couldn’t do, perhaps, is put on horn-rimmed glasses & a scarf, and condescendingly explain how the red square represents the rage in my agitated heart, and… you see: notice the blue square! It’s the essence of water, cool and soothing. Yes, it’s spiritual, you see. It’s art, dahhling!

Movement in B-Flat, No. 2: A Vision

Limited edition prints available for €3000.

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