Google Street View Hits Valencia

Months ago, we wrote about Google’s plans to bring its amazing Street View technology to Valencia, and now that day has arrived. They’ve just announced that Street View is live in 4 Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and VLC.

Our Hood, Through the Eyes of Google

Street View allows people to take virtual walking tours through the cities of their choosing, combining comprehensive (and often stunning) imagery with Google’s exemplary map navigation. It’s a lot of fun just “walking” down random streets and, though it won’t ever beat the feeling of actually wandering aimlessly about El Carmen, it is a decent alternative for those who can’t be there.

Here are some awesome Street Views we’ve seen so far. Feel free to suggest more in the comments!
Estación del Norte
Plaza de la Virgen
Puente de Flores
Hotel Neptu

Oh man… I have actual work to do, but this is too much fun. Google Street View – destroying office productivity around the world.

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  1. whatnext

    What now for a middle aged ‘penny pinching’ traveller , who just happens to live in Co. Mayo, Ireland and whose only direct option flying to Valencia was with Ryanair?
    I liked their service, it always arrived on schedule. Although on my first and last flights, we, the passengers were forced to walk a long distance from/to the terminal building. Not great for my age group – and it did not appear to be Ryanairs fault.
    Blame on both sides, I think.
    Ah well, Alicante here I come.

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