The Holy Grail in Valencia

Indiana Jones could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he’d have just gone to the city cathedral in Valencia, where there is a grail that a lot of people (Valencians, mostly) believe is the Holy One. To tell the truth, I’m skeptical — everyone who’s ever seen The Last Crusade knows that the true grail is the simple one made of clay, not the fancy one studded with diamonds. So, my advice to all those who don’t want to age super-fast and dissolve into dust is: Don’t Touch Valencia’s Grail.

You have chosen… poorly

But perhaps I shouldn’t be so skeptical. An international conference is about to begin in the city, to discuss the possibility that Valencia’s grail is indeed The One. And a significant portion of the online community dedicated to the hunt for the grail also believes that the evidence is strong.

Regardless, the grail is something worth checking out (as is the rest of the cathedral, of course). Seriously, though — don’t touch it. And if you do, and the ground opens up beneath your feet, you might find yourself dangling from a ledge with the choice to either grab the grail, or the hand of the dashing archeologist trying to save you. Choose the hand.

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  1. Carles


    You must know that the holy grail of Valencia, as is it today, is a vase, simple, dated on Christ ages, and a lot of additions (the gold and jewels) but if you look que primitive vase that is the top of the piece, you’ll appreciate that is more pobable that is the authentic one than you seem to believe.

    Anyway is a beautiful piece of religious art.

    By the way, I’m agnostic, so I’m not writing this for religious reasons, only for truth’s shake…


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