HolaValencia in Cadena Ser Valencia


If you’re in Valencia on Sunday afternoon, make sure to turn your radios to Cadena Ser (1.179 OM/ 100.4 FM). Juergen and I were invited to their studio this week, for an interview as part of a recurring feature about Valencian blogs.

But take some aspirin before listening to us! The interview was in Spanish, and despite having lived here for the better part of a year, our mastery of the language could be described as tortured, at best. Tortuado. Ha! I’m learning.

Thanks to Ana and Juan Enrique Tur, who also writes a Valencian blog called Testigo Accidental, for setting up and conducting the interview… and for being so patient with our ridiculously poor Spanish!

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  1. Juan

    Gracias a vosotros por venir. Fue un rato fantástico. Estamos en contacto.

  2. Davide

    Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to listen to the interview, but congrats for that!

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