Valencia’s New Metro Line #2

Construction crews are already at work on Valencia’s new metro line, #2, which will connect the city center with its south and southeast, and provide a much needed way to reach La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias — the city’s main tourist attraction.

new metro 2 Valencia-2

The new line will be ready sometime in 2012 or 2013. A few weeks ago, we spent some time watching the construction going on next to the Mercado Central. A section was cordoned off, where they were collecting artifacts uncovered during the dig. Our eyes are untrained in things archaeological, but the pots and ceramic vases sure as hell looked ancient! The city has such a long history, that probably any dig in the old town would reveal hordes of treasures.

new metro 2 Valencia-1

Here’s a plan of the coming metro line, from an information flier obtainable at the dig site. Finally, Ruzafa will be connected to the city, as well as the CAC… I just wish it was happening more quickly!

Stops (from North to South):
1. Museus
2. Carmen
3. Mercat
4. Xàtiva
5. Alicante
6. Ruzafa
7. General Urrutia
8. Hermanos Maristas
9. Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias
10. L’Oceanográfic
11. Moreras
12. Nazaret

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  1. Pappy Powell

    I’d like to receive more information about the artifacts being uncovered. Are they being investigated, documented, tossed? Is the Govt. or some museum in charge of this task? How can I apply for a permit to dig? If not, how can I sneak in and fill my pockets?

  2. Graham

    Good line but would be better if it linked up with the line by the Port by having one more stop after Nazaret.
    Fits well with my post on my blog about Valencia city of 400 holes at the moment.

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