Insane Nativity Scene at the Cathedral

Under the name, “La Luz de Belén”, the Valencia Cathedral is displaying a nativity scene this year for the first time in centuries.


And it’s not just any nativity scene! Over 400 characters populate an area over 12 meters long. There are donkeys, camels, bridges, markets, and just about everything else you might expect to find in ancient Bethlehem, all rendered in gorgeous detail. You can look through the city gates and check out the action going on in the distance, creating a sense of depth that is really remarkable. Some of our pictures almost look like paintings.


And, of course, that wacky Baby Jesus makes an appearance as well … he’s sitting on Mary’s lap at the end of the scene, in an understated, authentic portrayal without any halos or hovering angels. One could almost miss him, if not paying attention.

More information, images and a video on La Luz de Belén below:


You’ll be able to check out the scene for free until January 6th. It’s the work of artist José Joaquín Pérez, from Jerez.


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  1. Erik R.

    I love how the nondescript muttering background noise in the video almost gives life to the characters in the scene. Definitely better than the one in Laredo.

  2. Erick Nerites


    What a fantastic Nativity Set.
    It makes me want to go to Valencia next winter.

    Thank you for posting it.

  3. Not Hemingway's Spain

    Sorry to indulge in one-upmanship, but you should really check out this belén in a small town north of Valencia:

    It is many times larger than the one in the Cathedral, very much worth the visit!

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