Franz Ferdinand Coming to Town

Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand are going to headline the 2009 MTV Winter festival, which will be held at the Ciudad de las Artes & Ciencias on February 24th!

Sweet!! They’ll be touring Spain in support of their upcoming album, “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand”. They’re one of the best bands of recent years, and are supposed to be excellent live.

More than 35,000 people showed up for last year’s edition of the free festival, which featured The Cure (pfah), HIM (meh) and From First to Last (huh?). MTV Winter 2009 is already better, and the other acts for the are still unannounced. We’ll be sure to fill you in once we know more. Exciting.

To get you in the mood, here’s Franz Ferdinand’s video for Michael, a song which I like to imagine they wrote just for me…

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  1. Jeff

    I heard that The Gentlemen from Porlock would be touring Spain after they finish up their second studio session of Baby Songs Volume 2. Franz Ferdinand is pretty sweet, too.

  2. Pappy Powell

    We want to see a video of you dancing like a beautiful dance whore. Si, we’re even willing to pay a few euro’s for a subscription….or, do we have to go to YouTube?

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