Carbon De Reyes


Walking by this candy store yesterday, we saw something that made us stop and wonder. Chunks of coal were in a box, being advertised as “Carbon de Reyes”. Of course, we had to try it.


Maybe I’m missing out on something but this piece of coal looks more like a punishment than candy. Maybe it’s what bad kids get for Christmas? Wonder how it tastes? Well, “sugar” is the word which describes it best. And you really have to scrape with your teeth to nibble off little pieces of it. Kind of like a mouse.

Not really not my kind of candy, though it does come in different colors:

Can anyone fill us in on what this is about?

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  1. Andrea

    In Italy when I was a child (25 years ago) it was common to say behave yourself or for crhistmass you will get coal.
    When Cristmass came the first present would be one of this coal candy made of sugar for a joke
    I think I never finished one

  2. James

    Hey guys… yeah you basically hit the nail on the head.

    Naughty children wake up to lumps of coal on Christmas morning! Or at least they are threatened with it…

    Parents might buy their children some of this as a teasing threat to keep them in line!

  3. enric

    I was trying to explain it better, but James did it perfect.

  4. Rae

    Most likely made like peanut brittle. Get the sugar super hot, add some baking soda, it gets all fluffy and then you cool it.

  5. Pamela Barnett

    In North Scotland on 31 December of every year, you collect some coal pieces together and wrap them up. This will bring Good Luck to the person you visit such as friends or neighbors and new comers to the area when the Bells chime at midnight of course a wee dram (usually an alcoholic drink or non alcoholic drink) and go visiting until the small hours of the night.
    Spain has it right too!!

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