New Metro Card & Prices – January 1st, 2009

If you use Valencia’s metro system with any frequency, you’ll have noticed that the ticket readers are all getting an upgrade. With the new year, comes a new way of paying for public transportation in city.

Gone are the disposable paper tickets of old, and in is Móbilis — an rechargable card with an electronic chip. At the very least, the Móbilis cards will be a lot more environment friendly.

But that’s not the only change for the new year! Companies often try to fly unpopular news in under the radar… and Metro Valencia is no exception. “Hey! Check out our amazing new technologically advanced Móbilis cards! (And please, pay no attention the fare increases being introduced on the same day)”.

Ugh… great. Well, the truth is that Valencia’s metro was pretty cheap to begin with, especially when you get the Bono (10-trip) card, which you should always do. A single trip within the A zone is rising ten cents to €1.40, and the Bono raises forty cents to €6.50. So, with the Bono, it’s still just 65 cents a trip — making it hard to complain. A full breakdown of new fares can be found at the Metro’s website.

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    The various functions of the new ticket machines dosn’t appear to be straightforward.They do have the change of language facility but which button to press to achieve this is not obvious.Instructions for step by step use in other Languages other than Spanish would be very useful for tourists.French,German and English would be a good start.
    Hope you can HELP!!!

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