Video of the New Year’s Mascletà 2009 in Valencia

What a way to start the new year. Now there is nothing to look forward to since this was the biggest Mascletà of the upcoming year.

We love Mascletàs but we would like to know what you think? Please comment.

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  1. JasonWD

    Did you see that some people got hit by shrapnel? That is a first for me; to see people hurt. they seemed in good spirits though!

  2. valencia blog

    Yeah – we actually saw that something was going on but it makes sense now. For Fallas last year there was one firework hitting the ground not too far from us. Nothing happened though.

  3. valencia blog

    Vicent, this looks like fun anf scary as hell. When is it exactly? Do you have more information for us.

  4. Vicent

    Well, it’s done on several towns so the date changes from one to another… But the one in the video, in Paterna (the most famous cordà), is held the last Sunday of August. Be extremely careful if you go there, 45 people were injured last year.
    In most towns, this tradition was prohibited years ago after some tourists died; in exchange, they’ve got something called “correfocs”, completely harmless but funny as hell (literally).

  5. valencia blog

    Oh .. there was one correfoc in Valencia for Jaume. How did we miss that? It looks like fun. How do people find out about all the stuff going on in Valencia?

  6. James

    It’s hard to explain how cool Mascletas are to someone who’s never seen one. I think it’s the smell in the air of buring paper and gunpowder, the excitement of the crowd, the vibration of each concussion exploiding overhead to start. My wife is Valenciana and I fell in love with Valencia and Fallas and the most wonderful fireworks I have ever seen my very first visit.

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