Valencia Open 500 – Tennis Tournament

Valencia is certainly beginning to make its presence felt in the world of sports. Following the America’s Cup and the Formula 1 race, the city now prepares to welcome a major ATP tennis tournament: The Valencia Open 500.

The tournament will take place in November 2009, in the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. The most exciting thing is that the main court will be inside the (yet uncompleted) Agora — Calatrava’s latest insanely futuristic addition to CAC. Although the exact schedule and list of participating players is yet unknown, I’d expect it to be a relatively major tournament.

There’s more information at the tournament’s official site, as well as a great animation that details where the different courts will be and demonstrates how the Agora opens — something I hadn’t yet seen. If you’re a fan of tennis, this is going to be a must-see event.

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