Procession of the Three Kings

We’ve all been to those parades where candy is thrown into the crowd. The throwers, perched atop shoddily-constructed floats, are usually weak-wristed children who can barely launch the treats past the first row, and you’re lucky if you end up with a single crushed Jolly Rancher picked up off the street.

Well, the procession of the Three Kings (Reyes Magos), held on January 5th all over Spain, does not disappoint candy-seekers. In fact, by the middle of Valencia’s parade, we found ourselves seeking shelter, praying that the devastating rain of candy would finally stop. It never did.

I’ve never seen anything like it. You didn’t even have to try and catch the candy that was thrown, because it would inevitably catch you — in the hood if you were lucky, but we saw more than one unfortunate get whacked in the forehead.

And they weren’t just passing out candy, but also toys. Real toys, worth actual money. Just throwing them into the crowd! As the float for the Valencian football team passed, a plush cuddly “I Love Valencia” heart was tossed right at Juergen and I. Neither of us are proficient catchers, and it bobbled out of my hands, into Juergen’s hands, and finally onto the ground where a little girl picked it up. She hardly had enough time to smile before we yanked it back away from her. Survival of the fittest, sweetie.

This parade, in short, was insane and incredibly fun. If you happen to be in Spain on the 5th of January, it’s something you absolutely must not miss.

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  1. BOB

    Yeah, is has to do will a LOT of candy… and you can also get little toys and gummy bears… its awesome!

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