Rebajas – Bargain Madness in Valencia

Three Kings Day, on January 6th, may be the yearly event most anticipated by youngsters, but January 7th is when true excitement hits for Spanish consumers. It marks the beginning of Rebajas: Massive sales at just about every store in the country.


It’s a common phenomenon — huge post-holiday discounts meant to help stores clear out their old stock. But, this being Spain, the sales reach the point of insanity. 50% off is standard, and a large number of stores make cuts of up to 70%. The crazy sales encourage a lot of Spaniards to go into debt during the month of January, which makes financial sense, if you can resist shopping during the rest of the year.

It seems the entire country is on sale. A couple times, I’ve gone to pay for something and found it even cheaper than the discount which was marked. It’s an exciting feeling — you think you’re getting a deal on a nice shirt for €12, and then you’re only charged €9.

We ventured to Corte Ingles for its opening on the 7th, and found ourselves in the middle of a giddy, greedy, impatient crowd. When the doors opened at 10am, the shoppers stormed into the store headed mostly, I think, for the jewelry counter. Take note: those frail-looking, elderly Spanish ladies can throw a mean shoulder check. Stand not between them and 50%-off necklaces, lest thee be stricken to the ground.

Are you taking advantage of Rebajas? Make sure to share any awesome bargains you’ve found in the comments or Valancia Forum!

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  1. linda

    hm crazy. does it last all January?

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