Routes of the Valencian Community

It might be too cold for comfortably exploring the great outdoors right now, but the Valencian Community’s regional tourism website,, has recently published 15 great routes for free download from their website. These take tourists around some of the region’s most beautiful landscapes.

With title descriptions like “Military orders, cave art and thousand year-old olive trees”, and “Through cherry and almond orchards and Moorish valleys to the sea”, these routes will surely appeal to just about anyone who enjoys biking, hiking, or just being outside and sightseeing. The list of routes can be found here.

Each trail has an accompanying PDF file which can be downloaded and printed out, with detailed instructions for the hike, information about public transportation and details about the things you’ll be seeing. Each PDF has multiple pages in color, and is available in English. This is an excellent free resource for tourists, and people who live in Valencia… all told, the 15 routes consume about 200 pages.

The routes are of varying length, but are generally too long to be hiking routes — the one we looked into was at least 100km. It’d be perfect for a bike trip spread over a weekend. Or you could just drive along the route, stopping at the various highlights described in the PDF.

We’re extremely eager to pick out some of these routes, and see more of what the Valencian Community has to offer. Of course, we’ll be sure to post about any experiences… and we’d love to hear from you, too! Please leave a comment or participate in the forums, if you’re familiar with any of these routes or other beautiful areas of the Valencian Community.

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  1. Pappy Powell

    Please add this to the travel plans for your parents. Can they rent motorcycles? Harley’s with no mufflers?

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