Mando Diao & Starsailor to join Franz Ferdinand at the MTV Fest

Great news for lovers of rock! Two more awesome bands have been added to the lineup of the MTV Winter Festival, headlined by Franz Ferdinand, which will take place in the City of Arts & Sciences on February 24th. Mando Diao (Sweden) and Starsailor (Britain).

Mando Diao is a name that will be familiar to most alternative rock fans. They’ve been around since 2002, and have had a number of hits. They’re latest one is called “Dance With Somebody”, and is currently in rotation on European radio stations… great track.

Starsailor is another rock band that has had quite a bit of success, with ten top 40 singles in the UK. One of their best known is “Four to the Floor”:

Alright! Considering that entrance is free, and the number of famous rock bands that tour Valencia is farily small, I’m guessing that the City of Arts & Sciences is going to be jam packed on February 24th. Exciting.

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