Mascletas to be quieter?! OH NO!

… what’s that you say? No really, I couldn’t hear you. You’ll have to practically scream because my eardrums have been irrecoverably shattered by attending all 19 mascletàs during Fallas 2008.

Which might make you think I’d be relieved by the news that, in 2010, their allowable noise level will be more strictly regulated. But no! My hearing is already forever shot to hell, so what the fuck. Bring on the noisemakers.

According to Las Provincias, in 2010, the amount of gunpowder in each firecracker will be reduced from 75 to 50… a 33% reduction. 2009 will be the last Fallas without such strict regulations.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about this. The noise created by mascletàs is borderline insane — backing away from that border might be prudent, but definitely removes some of the exhilarating “I can’t believe this is happening” appeal. What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: Reader Tony, of corrects our post, by pointing out that the size of the shells — and not their intensity — will be reduced: “Not the thunder will be changed but the caliber of the shells that they fire from the Mascleta into the air. 75mm (3 inch) shells go much higher in the air and can more easily land in the public. The 50mm (2 inch) shell don’t go as high as the 75mm, which makes things a little bit safer for the public.” Great news! Thanks Tony!

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  1. Martijn

    I’m glad that I will be able to -once again- feel the mascletas at their full power!

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