Modern India at the IVAM

We managed to catch an excellent exhibit called Modern India on its last day at the IVAM. Visitors were taken a tour of India’s history, from colonialism to the present day, through the eyes of its artists. A large, comprehensive exhibit, filled with oil paintings, sculptures, photography, and audio-visual displays, Modern India provided an excellent couple hours of escapism.


We apologize for not having posted about this earlier! If you didn’t get to see it, hopefully the pictures in this post provide an acceptable substitute.

The exhibit was split into 6 periods, organized by time. The first two detail the colonial period, when the British ruled, then slowly lost their grip on the subcontinent. Things got psychedelic, as we moved into the 20th Century, and the West’s popular culture discovers India. Finally, visitors were brought into the present day as a new generation of Indians come to grip with their country’s ever-more important place on the global stage.


Our favorite pieces were the sculptures, particularly one depicting a giant city sprawling over and on top of itself — a spectacular representation of the claustrophobia one must feel in Mumbai.


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