Fuego en el Teatro Princesa Valencia

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Fuego del Teatro Princesa – doesn’t it sound like another event from Fallas? It kind of sounds like Cabalgata del Fuego, doesn’t it!

Well we came home from a night out this morning at 4 and got greeted by fire trucks. My heart dropped, but I was relieved to see that our house wasn’t up in flames. But it easily could have been. Instead the abandoned theater Princesa got burned to the ground. And I thought La Cremà was at the end of Fallas.


Scary thing is, this is the view from one of our rear windows. It’s a wonder that our house didn’t catch fire as well.

That was fun and we got to finally meet our neighbors.

They still don’t know what started the fire but the theater and the house where the fire started were “okupados”. That means squatters were living illegally in them. Apparently the city had been trying for years to buy the theater.

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  1. AJS

    Wow had not heard about it, you guys are lucky. Any smoke damage?

    Last night an elderly couple stopped us in front of our building and asked us directions to the Teatro Princesa en Carmen. We did not have a clue but pointed them down Caballeros. They probably wanted to see it and reflect on some old memories.

  2. valencia blog


    it’s really a wonder that our house still didn’t get burned and nobody got hurt. I hope this was a wake-up call for the city.

    No damage at all – it’s little smoky in here but that’s all.

    This was the theater I was telling you about the other day … well it’s gone now! Oh well – a nice park is not bad either. Is it done yet? 😉

  3. Valencià

    There weren’t squatters living in the theater, but foreign beggars. Immigrants.

  4. valencia blog

    We saw how lived in there and squatters is a general word which applies. Thank you for the note though.

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