Color Mascletà on the Evening of March 1st

The first day of March ended with a spectacular color mascletà at the Plaza de Ayutamiento, following a parade called the Cabalgata of Ninots Infantil.

Mascleta de Colores-6

The color mascletà combines elements of both a regular fireworks show and a more traditional mascletà. They keep the noise from the latter, and add the color and breathtaking explosions of the former. The mascletà got underway at about 8pm, and lasted just over 5 minutes. Pretty short, but each of those 5 minutes were insane, particularly the finale. Check out the video:

Fallas is really underway! What events are you looking most forward to?

Here some more pictures of the the event:

Mascleta de Colores-2
Mascleta de Colores-1
Mascleta de Colores-3
Mascleta de Colores-4

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