Mascletà March 10th – Fallas 2009

Today’s mascletà was staged by the pyrotechnic company Borredá, and from our vantage point, was kind of scary. Like War of the Worlds, or something. We got rained on by firecracker refuse and, midway through, a stray firework was shot into the crowd about 15 meters away.

The most surreal thing is that people are clapping and cheering while this is going on. Isn’t the natural response to scream and seek shelter?

Here couple of images planting of the La Merced Falla:


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  1. Alan

    The Fallas at La Merced looks pretty good, for the past 2 years we stayed in an apartment overlooking this fallas, and we were able to watch the planting and the various festivities over the next few days with a birds eye view. We had to get out of the apartment for the crema, as they drape a large canvas over the front of the building and spray it with water while the ninot is burning.

    La Merced – 2007

    La Merced 2008

  2. valencia blog

    Too bad you could not be on the balcony for the Crema. Oh, well! It’s probably a little safer 😉 Are you guys here for Fallas 2009?

  3. Alan

    Yes, we will be arriving on Sunday evening (15th) for five days of fun, fireworks and other madness 😉 Wish I could get there sooner, as the mascleta on the 15th is usually very good, fired by PIROTECNIA FOCS D’ARTIFICI EUROPLÁ. We normally watch the mascletas from the corner of the loud end, beside the pedestrian crossing just beside the big olive tree. It gives a good view of the ending.

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