Valencia CF: The Best Footballers in Spain!

Alright, so the team itself is going through a rough patch right now, both financially and on the pitch. But one area in which Valencia’s Football Club is not suffering is the individual qualities of its players. This is reflected most clearly in La Selección — Spain’s national team. No other club has as many representatives as Valencia.

With the recent call-up of wunderkind Juan Mata to the national team, Valencia boasts five players. Coach Unai Emery should be proud, but is probably none too pleased that Villa and Silva, both of whom have recently missed club games due to injuries, have been cleared to play in Saturday’s important World Cup qualifier against Turkey.

Five players! Take that Real Madrid (2 players). How you like them cookies, Barcelona (3 players)? Here’s wishing the team all the best against Turkey on Saturday!

Bonus: Here’s a picture I had taken with David Villa during Fallas. He and I go way back!

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