Valencia Prepares for the King’s Cup (Copa del Rey)

The Mestalla will play host on Wednesday night to the final of the King’s Cup (Copa del Rey) between unstoppable Bareclona and plucky underdogs Athletic Bilbao.

Wanna go? You better be rich! Tickets which originally cost €100 are already going on the black market at €1000. Insane! The game is being staged in Valencia, because we won the cup last year. (Update: Not true — Fernando points out in the comments that the location is decided on a number of criteria)

There’s no doubt who’s favored in the final… Barcelona have a chance to win the rare “triple”. That’s the cup, the league championship (from which they’re a hair’s breadth away) and the Champions League final (against Manchester United in Rome).

But we’ll rooting for Bilbao, who’re playing in their first final in 24 years. The aficionados of Bilbao will be convening in the Turia Riverbed, where they’ve constructed a tent with a huge screen to watch the game ( puente alameda) . If you feel like enjoying a great atmosphere, don’t have a thousand euros to blow on a ticket and, importantly, aren’t a Barcelona fan, head down to the Turia!

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  1. Fernando

    Hi! One issue, this year’s final is in Valencia not because we won last one. The host is decided in advance through various criteria, such as the 100th anniversary of a club (Real Madrid in 2002) or the last season of a stadium (Mestalla in 2009, but as you know, that date are delayed 🙁 )

  2. mpowell

    Thanks for the clarification, Fernando! I’ve updated the post.

  3. Sonia

    Do you need a pass to gain entry for the big screen?

  4. valencia blog

    Sonia, it’s free to get in. According by the amount of fans already celebrating in the streets last night … come early!

    For whom are you rooting?

  5. Isabel

    I’m so excited about this match. I’m rooting for Athletic (btw, it’s always Athletic and never just Bilbao… it’s a political thing) although win or lose, I’ll celebrate seeing as Barça is my third team (Valencia is my second).

    I wish I could be in Valencia to experience the spectacle.

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