World’s Longest Cable Car in Valencia?

Is Valencia about to get the world’s longest cable car? That’s the plan being put forth by a group called Telefèrico Valencia. They’re proposing a cable car which would run for 13km along the Turia river bed and go by all the top architectural sights.

Each car would be able to seat 9-10 people, and there would be stops at the America’s Cup Harbor, the City of Arts & Scienes, the Torres de Serrano and the Bioparc.

Honestly, I’m not enthusiastic about the idea. Currently, the most annoying thing in the riverbed is the tourist packed train which chugs down the sidewalks way too quickly. But cable cars flying over my head might even be worse. Levante seems to be skeptical about the idea ever coming to fruition, just because this is the same group which tried to promote a huge artificial island off the coast (similar to the crazy island in Dubai).

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  1. Robbie

    This is the most bizzare idea ive heard recently. It just seems so pointless. you can rent a bike and do the exact same trip through the river turia. I really hope that this project does not go ahead. The river turia is one of my favourite parts of the city and i would hate to see it being disturbed by a pointless cable car.

  2. Davide

    I always prefer to explore a place I visit by my own, so from that point of view the a cable car does not enthusiasm me. Nevertheless, from a “photographic” point of view, it could be interesting. Anyway, I agree with Robbie about the (better) bicycle option. I don’t know, these “tourism for dummies” things never impressed be too much (just my two cents).

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