Weekend Festivals – Kites & Alternahh…. tivity?

You know summer has arrived in Valencia when every weekend is packed full of more festivals than you could possibly care to attend. They’ve even started to overflow into the work week.

Here are a couple interesting ones to look forward to this weekend:

Festa Cometa

Have you ever seen The Kite Runner? Where Afghan kids stage kite fights, the object being to cut opponent’s kites with razor wire? And then one of them (spoiler) gets raped? Well, the 12th Annual Kite Festival at the Paseo Maritimo this weekend promises to be nothing like that.

I think!

Fira Alternativa

The Fira Alternativa, which celebrates alternative living, is back for its 21st year in the Turia riverbed. It seems like a kind of broad concept to base a festival on, but we were pleasantly surprised by it last year. There were a lot of interesting products, food and people.

Website: http://www.feriaalternativavalencia.com/

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