Cinema Jove – Valencia’s Summer Film Fest

Who will win Golden Moon of Valencia? That’s the top prize at the city’s summer film festival, Cinema Jove, which will be staged at locations throughout the city from June 20th to 27th.

There will be screenings on 15 screens, including the Teatro Principal, the Viveros Gardens and UGC Cine Cite. They’re showing some great classic films in open air of the Viveros Gardens, including Night of the Hunter and Touch of Evil.

This is the festival’s 24th year, and though it’s not Spain’s most high-profile event (that would be San Sebastien’s), there are a lot of quality films to catch. The 12 movies in competition hail from all over Europe — last year’s prize went to Autumn Ball, a bleak, multi-plotted drama out of Estonia.

Cinema Jove’s Website

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