Cinema Jove Starts Tonight

We previewed Valencia’s biggest film festival, Cinema Jove, last week. Today, the event gets underway with a special screening of The Art of Stealing in the Teatro Principal.

The Art of Stealing

I took some time to page through the program today, and can verify that there are a lot of films to choose from. A couple of the movies making up the official selection look great — particularly Norway’s Nord and Sweden’s Involuntary Discretions.

Laurent Cantet

Laurent Cantet is one of the main protagonists of this year’s festival. The French director captured the world’s attention with his Palme d’Or winning masterpiece The Class. That film, based on the auto-biographical experiences of an unconventional teacher, is so real that it seems like a documentary. Cantet will be on hand in Valencia during the festival to receive an achievement award, and definitely helps augment the profile of Cinema Jove. In honor of his movie, a series of his films is being screened in the Instituto Francés (naturally).

If you have some time and are a fan of films, make sure to pick up a Cinema Jove brochure. And don’t forget to check out our film recommendation website,

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