Campus Party 2009

We went down to Campus Party earlier this week to check out the event which has consumed a huge swath of space on the grounds of the City of Arts and Sciences. And we discovered the place where good geeks go after they die.


It’s a little difficult to precisely describe Campus Party. A congregation of techies? A chance to use and abuse the world’s fastest internet (8.5 GB/second, provided by Telefónica)? A series of conferences and events about new technology? A meeting place for gamers and gaming clans? A giant week-long party complete with drinks and dancing?

It’s all those things. Thousands of young tech buffs, mostly guys but not exclusively, have descended upon the CAC with shopping carts full of computers and equipment. They’re camping out in the parking garage, and spending all week at their computers. We saw guys watching movies, playing Warcraft, checking Facebook, programming, admiring custom PCs, and eating junk food. There was a lot of junk food. And everyone basically looked like they were having a blast.

As far as I understand, the main draws are the blazing fast internet and the opportunity to meet and hang out with techies who share your interests. There are a series of lectures and performances, as well. We might go back to check out the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero finals.

Have any readers of this blog participated in the Campus Party? We’d love to hear about your experience — during our hour walking around the grounds, we were little more than bewildered outsiders.

Some images of the Campus Party 2009 in Valencia:


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  1. mackers

    When is the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero final? Is it open to the public to compete?

  2. valencia blog


    also a big Guitar Hero Fan?

    The date for the finals are not announced yet but will post once we found out.

  3. marta

    Tras 4 meses de la campus party de Valencia 2009, los voluntarios aun no hemos cobrado el dinero!!!!!! unos 150 miseros euros por persona!!!!

    Que han hecho con el dinero de los campuseros????porque aun no ha llegado el dinero tras 4 meses???????????

  4. veronica martin

    Estoy deacuerdo contigo Marta

    Yo soy otra de las afectadas por la campus party Valencia 2009,Vamos a acabar el 2009 y aun los voluntarios no hemos recibido la misera gratificacion
    Veremos el dinero algun dia???????????

  5. jose

    Un afectado mas, un servidor, en mi cuenta no ha llegado nada tampoco, 31 de Diciembre de 2009 y ni un euro!!!

    Son unos sinverguenzas!!!!!!!!

  6. jesus

    Yo Para reyes me pido que me den mi dineroooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! como voluntario de campus party Valencia
    sois unos ladrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mas de 6 meses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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