La Lluna – Vegetarian in Carmen

Looking for something a little different than paella and bravas, we decided to check out La Lluna — a vegetarian restaurant near the Pl. de Mossen Sorell in Carmen.


La Lluna is small, and offers a non-smoking eating area in the downstairs. The menu is completely vegetarian and all-natural, and everything we had was delicious.

Although it was a Wednesday, every table in the restaurant was occupied — owing perhaps as much to the quality of the food as the excellent value. The menú del día gets you a soup, two plates and dessert for just €7,50. Drinks were extra, but we still ended up paying just €9 per person.

And the food really is fresh and natural. I decided to sample the selection of juices, and almost spit out my first gulp as I realized that the “Lemon Juice” I ordered was exactly that. Maybe it’s the American in me, but I expect my juices to be sugary, watered-down approximations of the fruit they claim to contain! I’ve never drank a glass full of actual lemon juice, and I think I liked it. I think.


La Lluna is currently on its summer schedule, closed from August 14th until September. But when it re-opens, make sure to check it out!


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  1. urbicande

    Being vegetarian, this is by far my favourite restaurant in Valencia. It’s like eating at home. The atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and the food quality / price ratio is excellent! I recommend the ‘tabla de patés’…

  2. Liskeardziz

    We just ate there last Friday and it was wonderful! Charming staff, fantastic food, amazing value for money. Definitely our best meal in 6 days in Spain. It certainly upstaged the vegetarian restaurants we went to in Barcelona.

  3. valencia blog


    glad you liked our restaurant recommendation. We thought so the staff was rather uncharming and not very welcoming. But maybe it was the August heat ;).

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