Grand Prix of Europe F1 Wrap-Up and Reactions

I don’t get the F1. Why people enjoy it (or motor sports in general, for that matter) is a mystery which evades my comprehension. But, people do enjoy it. A lot of people! On Sunday afternoon, I turned on the tube for Valencia’s European Grand Prix — the second car race I’ve ever watched from start to finish. And it’s going to be the last. My lord, what utter boredom.

Formula 1 Valencia 2010

But enough whining. What did the press and racing fans think of the GP? Last year’s inaugural edition was a disaster, earning scorn and criticism the world over. Sunday’s competition was definitely an improvement, but still lacked the drama provided by the very best tracks. Veteran Brazilian Rubens Barrichello won the race for Brawn and moved himself up to 2nd the standings, behind teammate Jenson Buttons. The Mirror has an insightful list of 10 things they learned from the race.

A lot has been made of the future of F1 in Valencia. The loss of the America’s Cup has the city nervous, and when one considers the financial crisis, the lowered ticket sales, and the track’s poor 2008 reception, we’ve heard some mumbling that the city’s second race might be its last. But has a good article about the future of the F1 in Valencia, which might allay some of those fears.

Racing fans, what did you think of the race? Does the F1 have a future in the city? Should it? I know a lot of people wouldn’t mind seeing the money that Valencia is spending on elite sporting events being put to other causes.

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  1. valencia blog just twittered us with these news:

    Yes, there’ll be a race in Valencia next year. The contract was signed Saturday night/Sunday morning. Brundle spoke with the promoter on the grid.Spanish TV was too busy eating Bocatas and boasting about VLC’s tourism to do that.

    Thank you for the note!

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