Museum House of Blasco Ibáñez

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez is one of the most important figures in contemporary Valencian history. The author, politician, journalist and adventurer made a huge mark on the Comunidad during his 61 years, and the city has honored his memory in a number of ways, from naming one of its most important boulevard’s after him, to the creation of the Casa-Museo Blasco Ibáñez on C. Isabel de Villena, on the northern end of Malvarossa Beach.


Ibáñez led an extraordinary life, and a number of photographs and trinkets are on display in the Casa-Museo. His desk, a number of postcards from his adventures in Argentina, portraits of his wife and family, and original editions of his novels help demonstrate the great man’s importance. There’s also a room dedicated to the numerous film versions of Sangre y Arena, probably his most famous novel.

The museum is small, and won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time — it’s a nice break from the beach, within spitting distance. If you go, though, you should try and learn a little about Vicente Blasco Ibáñez in advance — my one complaint about the museum is that it doesn’t bother to explain much about him. Someone who walks around the exhibit knowing nothing about him won’t get much out of it.


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    You need a new male model….or maybe a female one, that wouldn’t distort Basco’s face.

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