Valencia Spa Hotel with History: Las Arenas

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Pamper yourself! Enjoy a weekend in the Sea View Junior Suite (aka Suite Malvarrosa) of the Spa Hotel Las Arenas right on top of Malvarrosa Beach. From the suite, you would have had a fantastic view for last week’s air show. But who really needs any outside distraction, when staying in the spa? The whole purpose is to forget out the outside world.

The free minibar and access to the spa helps with that.


Everyone who’s visited Malvarrosa Beach has seen the hotel. But did you know that the two smaller buildings in front pre-date the hotel, and have been spas for decades? The beach didn’t use to be so wide, and the water nearly reached them.

Here some more information about the history of the Las Arenas hotel:


The hotel is located within the old Las Arenas SPA which dates back to the late XIX century and was a meeting point for the most select members of society. In those days the SPA offered its guests warm sea baths with waves, with surprising effects for sufferers of arthritis and injuries as well as neurological illnesses. In addition to the baths, the complex had swimming pools, a pavilion overlooking the sea which housed a restaurant, a summer cinema, dancing, swimming competitions, popular celebrations etc. In the afternoons and the in the evenings an orchestra would play music by the swimming pools and was one of the main attractions in Valencia during the summer season.

Source: Las Arenas Spa Hotel Website

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  1. Bas

    Really nice to see pictures of the old Las Arenas. I think the new Las Arenas is beautiful, but I didn’t know there was an old Las Arenas

  2. Tom Grosvenor

    I stayed here last year, I had no idea it had any of this history but what a hotel nevertheless! amazing

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