October 9th – Day of the Valencian Community

October 9th is the Day of the Valencian Community, kind of like 4th of July in the States. Though, I suppose it’s different, because it’s a celebration for a specific Spanish state and not the country as a whole. We don’t have any equivalent holiday for just Ohio (where I’m from). But then again, Ohio doesn’t have its own language, a millennium of heritage, or really much worth celebrating at all. Besides buckeye cookies.

Valencia Holiday

King James the First of Aragon reclaimed Valencia for Christianity on October 9th, 1238, which is the day remembered as the birth of the Kingdom of Valencia. Here’s a rundown of the commemorative events which will be taking place on the 9th, this year.

October 8th @ Midnight – International Festival of Pyrotechnics

Preceding the official events of the 9th, the city invites pyrotechnic artists from all over the world to put on a massive fireworks display in the riverbed of the Turia on the evening of October 8th. (Alamada metro station)

Noon – Lowering of the Senyera

The Senyera is Valencia’s flag, and at noon it will be lowered down from the Ayuntamiento’s balcony. This was pretty eventful last year, with Catalan nationalists intruding on the celebration.

12:20 – Civic Procession

After the Senyera is lowered, it will be paraded around the Ciutat Vella by functionaries like the mayor and various Valencian groups. There will be a special stop for a flower offering, at the statue of King James in the Parterre park. This procession will end at Plaza Ayuntamiento where the Senyera will be handed over again to the city. Followed by a Mascletà.

17:00 – Public Dance

Don’t miss folk music and traditional dancing in the Plaza de la Virgen.

17:30 – Entrance of Christians & Moors

Starting at the Glorieta Park, a procession of Christians and Moors takes the city’s streets. This should be colorful and probably more entertaining than the 12:30 civic parade. The parade’s conclusion, there will be a mascletà in the Pl. del Ayuntamiento.

It’s going to be a full day. Don’t forget that shops will be shut and restaurants more expensive. This is one of the biggest holidays on the Valencian calendar!

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  1. Bigby

    Ohio has nothing worth celebrating beside Buckeye Cookies? How soon you forget about….uh….Marylin Manson! And….errr…Trent Reznor! And…wait a minute….Drew Carey…no wait…he sucks….uh….how about Ohio University? First college in the Northwest Territory?

  2. Charles

    Dear Powell
    I would like to tell you that it is more likeable to compare the Valencian Country with Wales or Scotland. We, valencian people, used to have an independent country but we lost it at the same time that nations in Great Britain did. Nevertheless, we are recognised as a nation inside the Kingdom of Spain and I hope (like more than 120 000 valencians) we’ll be again a free democratic country in Europe.
    King Regards from Picanya

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