The Sad, Shameful Fate of the Teatro Princesa

Habitual readers of the blog will remember the burning and subsequent destruction of the Teatro Princesa in the middle of the city. It was big news for us, because the theater was adjacent to our apartment building.


Now, more than 6 months after the fire, we know what will be done with the theater’s lot. The theater won’t be reconstructed, nor will there be a park, as the foolishly optimistic residents of the neighborhood had hoped. Nope. Instead, the lot is being converted into a parking lot for trucks. Trucks for the Mercado Central. Loud, stinky trucks that will arrive bright and early every single morning.

First off, I would just like to say… THANK GOD WE MOVED.

How well does this work out for the property owners? They left their theater in disrepair for 25 years, refusing multiple offers to sell it to the city. They let it rot and be occupied by vagrants. Then, surprise, one day it burns to the ground. Months later, once the initial outrage has died down, they sell it as a truck parking lot. Charming. It’s straight out of the Asshole Playbook.

I’m a little angry about it, so pardon my tone, but the owners should not be allowed to profit in any way. By allowing the theater to rot and be occupied, and refusing to sell it to a more responsible custodian, they put the lives of a lot of people in danger, ours included. And now they turn it into a truck parking lot and probably make a tidy profit. Sickening.

Unfortunately, that’s often the way the world works. Too bad for the honest residents of Calle Murillo and Calle Moro Zeit.

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