Valencia Open 500 & the New Agora by Calatrava


The inaugural event for Calatrava’s Agora is the ATP Open 500 tennis tournament, which is on right now until November 8th. I went to see Alberto Martin play Andy Ram but was mostly interested in the brand new Calatrava building. The Agora is stunning but on the second look it’s apparent that the tennis event snuck up fast on the organizers. On a closer look things seemed unfinished and compromised. Hopefully, this will change after more time has passed by.

Altogether, the Agora is breathtaking from the inside and out. The interior feels very organic and reminds me of Noah’s Ark. Kind of like the Marriott hotel in Atlanta.

I’m going again for the final on the 8th, but might cover some other events. I would love to see Ferrer but don’t see anywhere when he is playing.

There are still tickets available, even for the final. So if you are interested in going yourself act fast.


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  1. Ventana Fotos

    Thanks for the fotos. I have not had the chance to visit inside the Agora. It appears small inside, but I understand it can hold 5,500 seats.

  2. valencia blog

    Hello Ventana Fotos,

    yeah, even if you are inside … I was shocked to see how small it was. That building is just strange ;)!

  3. marian

    Just returned from a six day city break in Valencia. Those six buildings should become as recognisable as Sydney Opera House around the world. Last Wednesday men were still working on the roof and there was building paraphenalia everywhere as we passed to visit Oceanographica and those two cage like structures shown above were only just being put together as we left the Science Museum. The architecture is truly from the 21st century and is gobsmackingly impressive.

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