What’s that Stink? Four Circuses Descend on Valencia

That’s right. Four circuses in the city at the same time.

I feel sorry for the PETA animal-rights protesters. Man, you guys have your work cut out for you… better make some coffee, and snuggle up warmly in your cozy fur coats hemp jackets. It’s going to be a long December.

Name? Wonderland
Where? Plaza de Toros
When? from December 3rd to January 17th
Why? You’re interested to see how they’re going to reenact Madagascar in a live setting, and you don’t think your kids will notice that it’s not exactly High School Musical. Oh, Gran Circo Wonderland, have you no shame? (Of course you don’t!)

Name? Americano
Where? the Feria de Navidad near the Port
When? from December 4th to … ???
Why? Difficult to find info on this one, but from the poster it looks like a Genie is going to unleash a pack of tigers upon the cuddly creatures from Ice Age. Awesome.

Name? Mundial
Where? La Alameda, next to the Puente de Flores
When? from December 6th to January 10th
Why? They’re not lying about being a “World” circus… troupes from China & Russia, Norwegian horses, Bengal tigers and Asian elephants. In all honesty, this looks like the most interesting.

Name? Gran Fele
Where? CAC, across from the Reina Sofia
When? from December 10th to January 10th
Why? He Tarzan! She Jane! You is having FUN! They Amazing! Clap Clap HOWL.

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  1. andreina vitto

    I don’t enjoy the circus very much either . I have been looking for Ballet classic such as the Nutcracker, swan lake , Don quixote with no luck . do you have any information about that

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