Aquarium Club

On Calle Salvador Sastre 16b, near Plaza de Espanya, we happened to walk by the Sociedad Acuariófila, a great aquarium store which also serves a club and get-together locale for fans of peces.


If you have an aquarium, this store has all the products you could ever need, and knowledgeable employees there to help. It’s still worth poking your head in, even if you don’t own fish. In addition to the store, there’s a bar and a gallery of interesting fish presented by members of the club — big, colorful fish which you don’t see every day. The piranhas were watching Juergen and I with hungry eyes. Honestly, it was freaky.

When we lived in Berlin, I kept an aquarium and loathed it. The cool fish were the first to die, and I was left with a horde of guppies who spent their time procreating and eating each other. Eventually, the sheer number of unwanted young prompted the tragic Guppicide of 2004. Nearly all of the babies & females met their maker at the bottom of my toilet. But this would have dire consequences on life in the tank. The horde of violent males attacked the young and constantly molested the remaining female, reducing my aquarium to a terrifying psycho-sexual horror show. I quietly prayed for their deaths while feeding my guppies, and tried my best to avoid watching them.

Anyway, don’t let my experience keep you away from the Sociedad Acuariófila. Although I’ll probably never own another aquarium, this is a neat place to spend a little time.


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  1. Pappy Powell

    Yippee !! Your coverage of this wonderful place has inspired me to re-start my aquatic habitat. I recently suffered the terrible loss of my prize collection by an accidental lethal injection of 10X the dosage of algae killer. Every day I’ve grieved as I glance at the table where my little friends used to thrive.

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